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The Ultimate Guide for New Smyrna Beach & Southeast Volusia

  1. Navigation Controls: Look for navigation controls. These are typically arrows on either side of the flip book or a toolbar at the bottom or top of the flip book interface. These controls allow you to move forward or backward through the pages.

  2. Click or Tap to Flip Pages: If you’re using a desktop, click on the corners or edges of the pages to flip them. If you’re on a mobile device, you can usually tap or swipe.

  3. Zoom In/Out: Many flip books allow you to zoom in or out for a better view of the content. Look for a magnifying glass icon or a “+” and “-” icon for this functionality.

  4. Fullscreen Mode: This flip book offers a fullscreen mode for an immersive experience. This can usually be activated by clicking an icon resembling a square or arrows pointing outward.

  5. Exit or Close: When you’re done, you can typically exit the flipbook view by clicking an “X” or “Close” button, or simply by navigating away from the page.

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